Thoracic Mobility



The thoracic spine is the area between the base of the neck and the low back and is an important component in many injuries and sources of pain. Whether you spend extensive hours at a desk, require manual labor to complete tasks, weight train or are an athlete at any level, thoracic mobility in all planes of motion is critical for performance, spinal health and general well-being.


With any functional movement, the thoracic spine requires sufficient mobility to allow other areas of the spine or limbs to function optimally without compromise. For example, when we walk our arms swing, which requires adequate mobility in our thoracic spine to allow this motion to occur fluidly. If there are any deficiencies in these movements, this may demand more from the thoracic spine to carry out this task. Frequently, injuries to the low back, neck, shoulder and hip can occur as a result of excessive movement at any of these particular regions to over-compensate for the lack of mobility at the thoracic spine.


At Ranges Osteopathy and Performance, we frequently examine and treat the thoracic spine as a part of many injuries or sources of pain and discomfort. We also believe that self-healing is an important aspect of overall health and we have an array of thoracic mobility exercises that can be prescribed to assist with the goals of our patients. Call today to make an appointment and improve your thoracic mobility.